The 7 Steps to Manifestation

For those of you who are skeptical of psychics, channelers, mediums and other such pseudo-science or metaphysical mystics, I hear you: this could be a stretch for you in many ways. However, take the information and run with it IF (and only if ) it vibes with you in a certain feel-good way. Bashar is a being from ‘the future’ channeled by a man ‘in the present’ by the name of Darryl Anka. Bashar outlines the ‘7 Steps to Manifestation’, which, I must say, resonates with all other sources I’ve drawn upon. From ‘The Secret’ to ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ to many others- all essentially follow a similar format as the steps outlines below. Try this mental challenge on for size and decide for yourself. Find out more about Bashar’s teachings and live events at

Bashar’s 7 Steps to Manifestation:

1. Vision

The first step with manifestation may seem obvious. You must have a vision for what you want. If you don’t, how else will you know how and where to direct your focus, drive, and effort. Manifestation begins with being able to see in your mind’s eye- your imagination- what you want to come into your life.

2. Desire 

Once clear on the vision, you must have a strong and burning desire for it. You must truly want it, so much so that it feeds your vision to become more and more technicolor; more real. 

3. Belief

Your vision being clear, and your desire strong, you must then believe that it can actually happen; that you can actually have that thing you want so much. You must believe that it can actually be in yours.

4. Acceptance

This next step is the bold but quiet acceptance of your new preferred reality. Acceptance firmly locks the previous steps into place.

5. Intend

With absolute acceptance of your new choice, you now must intend for it to happen. By ‘leaning in the direction’ of already living in your new reality, you begin color your world in a way that you see the universe ‘conspiring’ in your favor; always moving you in unseen ways toward your goal.

6. Act

The sixth step is taking action. You must act upon every chance you get that you perceive as moving you towards your goal. Nothing happens without taking action.

7. Surrender 

Perhaps the most challenging lesson to learn from the seven steps of manifestation is that last. The ‘action’ of surrender- releasing all expectation of your preferred reality from ever happening. At all. Life is filled with paradox. Herein lies a good example. So much effort, only to surrender to the ‘Higher Will’. In order to surrender, you must trust. Trust in the inherent goodness of the Existence. Trust that you are co-creator of this whole dance.