The 3 Keys to Living

Let’s start with the obvious. Reality, as we know it, is shifting. You’re probably home right now, “quarantined”- in fact, this might be “Day 15” for you. These times are moving through are some of the most interesting days we have ever lived through.

Without a doubt, we’re all experiencing a myriad of emotions, from fear, to humor, to sadness, to…you name it. A few days ago, I was talking to my aunt on the phone. We were a part of a big family group chat on Facebook, and, as always, the conversation landed on politics, politicians, corruption, blame, frustration, etc. I have never jumped into these conversations, but I felt compelled to share my perspective. I didn’t talk politics. I didn’t want to go into the ‘blame game’ of ‘who’s the most corrupt?’ or ‘why this President is a moron”, etc. Instead, I wanted to shift the conversation to 3 key focal points that can bring us back to our power center, regardless of our perspectives on the state of the world, politics, economics, life, death, and whatever else.

The 3 Keys are:

1. Stay in the present moment.

2. Control your ‘controllables’.

3. Follow your joy.

Simple (although not necessarily easy).

  1. Staying in the present moment ensures us that we are responding to what is happening now. Neither dwelling on the ‘past’, nor stressing about the ‘future’. The practice of staying in this present moment is fundamental in coming back to a place of emotional “certainty” and “calm”. From this place, we have more clarity and can make sounder decisions.
  2. Controlling your ‘controllables’ is to acknowledge what we actually DO have within our control, rather than become distracted with the multitude of things we don’t have under control. When we focus and execute on the things we do have control over, we begin to build positive momentum- “micro-victories” – which snowballs into bigger and bigger victories.
  3. Following your joy is not just a warm and fuzzy thought. It’s actually a self-amplifying tool that brings more and more joy to you. Vibrationally speaking, the feeling that is joy is one of the highest you can experience. Doing the things that bring us joy and fulfillment (even if they come with their own challenges and difficulties) fuel us from a place that cultivates purpose and meaning in our lives. It boosts our immune system, our mental and emotional health, and brings us into more harmony with our internal and external world.

I don’t want to add too much more to this concept. Less is more, and keeping it simple is the underlying theme. You are the only one who can do this for yourself. Trust and know you can.