Keep Moving

My thoughts on fitness and movement are pretty simple.

Most people think I either live at the gym or that I have good genes to keep me in shape. While both are definitely not true, there is one secret I have to staying at the level of health that I desire.

I make it point to move (and I mean consciously, and on purpose) everyday. I’m talking about walking, squatting down, picking stuff up, maybe some 5-10 push-ups thrown in every hour or two.

It’s about cultivating a mindset that says, “I am the type of person that loves being active and healthy, and that is exactly why I engage in x-number of push-ups, or make it a goal of getting in 10,000 steps or more each day. It’s these incremental, seemingly unnoticeable differences that make the biggest changes in our lives.

Here’s what I recommend:

-Make it a point to stretch. DAILY.

-Set a goal for how many push-ups or squats (or both) you want to accomplish. Daily.

-Fall in love with the process, and forget about yesterday. Your life is happening now, and starts again. Right now.

-Remember: Fitness is king and nutrition is queen. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, the two go hand-in-hand. And truly, to be the healthiest YOU, you have to incorporate both. Eat well. Play well.

Feeling down? Move your body.

Feeling uppity and positive? Move that body.

Not sure what to do? Move. Your. Body.

Enjoy it while it’s here.

It’s a gift.