Fitness + Nutrition

Living your best life doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires a powerful combination of healthy nutrition, daily movement, and proper supplementation to achieve optimal wellness.

Yet, almost everyone needs help along the way. What makes the difference is having expert medical advice backed with the support and accountability of a health coach by your side.

With this in mind,  Wellness Coach Andre Bolourchi Naturopathic and Doctor Dr. Sadi Jimenez and Health, designed the Whole Life Optimization Program.

The Whole Life Optimization Program is customized to meet the needs of each individual, providing the medical and coaching expertise to achieve the best results possible.

The Whole Life Optimization Program includes:

food sensitivity test.
microbome analysis.
supplement regimen.
gut inflammation markers.
health maintenance plan.
personalized nutritional guidance and meal planning.
easy and healthy recipes.
virtual personal training sessions.
customized daily fitness routines.

1x/week support and accountability call with health coach to discuss progress, and challenges.

Coach Andre and Dr. Sadi will be meeting weekly to discuss progress, and make any adjustments to your program as needed.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine was born out of the idea that certain natural substances when injected into a joint can stimulate repair and formation of thicker, denser tendons and ligaments. Repeated joint injuries can result in joint instability which can lead to pain and weakness. Through research and clinical observation, physicians have made the correlation that if ligaments and tendons can be strengthened around a joint, instability can be improved and pain decreases.

Conditions that may warrant further evaluation:

  • Trigger points or tenderness on palpation over a certain area.
  • Inability to maintain one position for prolonged periods of time.
  • Multiple micro injuries.
  • Pain when the joint is first used that is relieved after repeated motion.
  • A sense of looseness or instability in the affected joint. Local pain or pain that travels.
  • Arthritic joints.
  • Muscle tightness/spasms.

What natural substances does Dr. Sadi use in Regenerative Medicine? Every patient is different, and an individualized consultation will determine the best course of treatment and proliferation therapy. Dr. Sadi utilizes natural solutions such as Dextrose, Platelet Rich Plasma, Hyaluronic Acid, and Chondoroitin for their ability in assisting the body to regenerate tendons, ligaments and eliminate pain.

How does it work on a micro level? A natural solution is injected into the site of injury. These substances are irritating and trigger a strong healing process, they help to stimulate an increase in blood flow to the area, and growth factors.

What are the benefits of Regenerative Medicine?

✔️ Stimulate repair of tendons and ligaments.
✔️ Eliminate pain.
✔️ Strengthening loose ligaments and degenerative tendons.
✔️ Help prevent further injuries.

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